Butterton Village 

A Staffordshire Moorlands Peak District Community

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Butterton Parish Council


One Parish Councillor

This vacancy needs filling for the sake of the smooth running of the Parish Council.  Open to residents of Butterton over the age 18, duties include attending an evening meeting every six weeks to help make decisions on matters concerning Butterton.


Please apply in writing/e-mail to the Clerk AS SOON AS POSSIBLE outlining why you would like to be a Councillor and what you could offer the council.  


To find out more contact one of the Councillors or the Clerk.



Cllr Jenny Land, Wall Acre Farm                      Tel: 304265


Cllr Sarah Kinneir, Booth House                    Tel: 304274


Cllr Peter Tomlinson, Trees Cottage              Tel; 304560


Cllr Karen Salt, Hailors Croft                        Tel: 304543 


Cllr Mike Stone, Greenlow Bank                    Tel: 304455


Cllr Roz Lees, Laburnum House                   Tel 304673


Clerk: Maggie Risby, Kent House                   Tel: 304115


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