Butterton Village 

A Staffordshire Moorlands Peak District Community

Accessibility Statement


This website is run by Butterton Parish Council and is designed to be used predominantly by residents of the Parish and by visitors and other interested individuals. However, parts of the website are not fully accessible to some people with physical disabilities or impairments.

Some known issues are:

  • Pages opening in a new window without a warning
  • No alternative text associated with some images
  • Linked PDF files not fully accessible
  • Some pages may have poor colour contrast


The website is run for the Parish Council on a voluntary basis and given its limited audience it would be a disproportionate burden to manage the website in a way that was fully accessible to some people with physical disabilities or impairments.

If you find information on the website that is not accessible to you please contact the website administrator (buttertonweb@gmail.com) or any member of the Parish Council and they will endeavour to provide you with the information you require.



How users can raise an issue

If a website user finds an accessibility issue on a public sector body’s website, they should raise the issue with the website owner first by using the contact details provided in the body’s accessibility statement.

The public sector body must provide a response to the user’s complaint within a reasonable period of time.

If the user is not happy with the response received, they can get help from the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS) in England Scotland and Wales.

If the user feels the issue has still not been resolved, they can appeal to the EHRC.

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