Butterton Village 

A Staffordshire Moorlands Peak District Community


Agendas 2023

Date Document
28-Nov-2023 PC Agenda November 2023
17-Oct-2023 PC Agenda October 2023
25-Jul-2023 PC Agenda July 2023
13-Jun-2023 PC Agenda June 2023
02-May-2023 PC AGM Agenda May 2023
04-Apr-2023 PC Agenda April 2023
21-Feb-2023 PC Agenda February 2023
10-Jan-2023 PC Agenda January 2023


Minutes 2023

Date Document
17-Oct-2023 PC Minutes October 2023
25-Jul-2023 PC Minutes July 2023
13-Jun-2023 PC Minutes June 2023
02-May-2023 PC AGM Minutes May 2023
04-Apr-2023 PC Minutes April 2023
21-Feb-2023 PC Minutes February 2023
10-Jan-2023 PC Minutes January 2023

Transparency Code

As a council, it is important that we conduct our business as openly and transparently as possible.  All Parish Councils with a turnover of less that £25,000 must publish the information found on this page to meet current regulations.  Previous years information can be found in the document archive.

Other Documents

PC Other 2023

Date Document
02-Jul-2023 Notice of Exercise of Public Rights
28-Jun-2023 Annual Governanance and Accountability Return 2022/23
28-Jun-2023 Explanation of Variances 2022/23
28-Jun-2023 Bank Reconciliation 2022/23
28-Jun-2023 Detailed PC Accounts 2022/23
27-Jun-2023 PC Asset Register 2023/24
26-Jun-2023 PC Code of Conduct
26-Jun-2023 Risk Assessment 2023
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