Butterton Village 

A Staffordshire Moorlands Peak District Community


Agendas 2020

Date Document
20-Oct-2020 PC Agenda October 2020
08-Sep-2020 PC Agenda September 2020
25-Aug-2020 PC Agenda August 2020
28-Jul-2020 PC Agenda July 2020
25-Feb-2020 PC Agenda February 2020
14-Jan-2020 PC Agenda January 2020

Agendas 2019

Date Document
03-Dec-2019 PC Agenda December 2019
22-Oct-2019 PC Agenda October 2019
10-Sep-2019 PC Agenda September 2019
30-Jul-2019 PC Agenda July 2019
18-Jun-2019 PC Agenda June 2019
15-May-2019 PC Agenda AGM May 2019
25-Mar-2019 PC Agenda April 2019
19-Feb-2019 PC Agenda February 2019
08-Jan-2019 PC Agenda January 2019

Agendas 2018

Date Document
27-Nov-2018 PC Agenda November 2018
16-Oct-2018 PC Agenda October 2018
11-Sep-2018 PC Agenda September 2018
24-Jul-2018 PC Agenda July 2018
12-Jun-2018 PC Agenda June 2018
03-Apr-2018 PC Agenda April 2018
20-Feb-2018 PC Agenda February 2018
09-Jan-2018 PC Agenda January 2018

Agendas 2017

Date Document
28-Nov-2017 PC Agenda November 2017
17-Oct-2017 PC Agenda Oct 2017
05-Sep-2017 PC Agenda Sept 2017
25-Jul-2017 PC Agenda July 2017
13-Jun-2017 PC Agenda June 2017
02-May-2017 PC Agenda APM May 2017
04-Apr-2017 PC Agenda April 2017
12-Feb-2017 PC Agenda February 2017
10-Jan-2017 PC Agenda January 2017

Agendas 2016

Date Document
22-Nov-2016 PC Agenda Nov 2016
11-Oct-2016 PC Agenda October 2016
19-Jul-2016 PC Agenda July 2016
07-Jun-2016 PC Agenda June 2016
26-Apr-2016 PC APM Agenda April 2016
08-Mar-2016 PC Agenda March 2016
19-Jan-2016 PC Agenda Jan 2016

Agendas 2015

Date Document
08-Dec-2015 PC Agenda Dec 2015
27-Oct-2015 PC Agenda Oct 2015
15-Sep-2015 PC Agenda Sept 2015
23-Jun-2015 PC Agenda June 2015
12-May-2015 PC Agenda May 2015
31-Mar-2015 PC Agenda March 2015
17-Feb-2015 PC Agenda Feb 2015
06-Jan-2015 PC Agenda Jan 2015


Minutes 2020

Date Document
20-Oct-2020 PC Minutes October 2020
08-Sep-2020 PC Minutes September 2020
25-Aug-2020 PC Minutes August 2020
28-Jul-2020 PC Minutes July 2020
25-Feb-2020 PC Minutes February 2020
14-Jan-2020 PC Minutes January 2020

Minutes 2019

Date Document
03-Dec-2019 PC Minutes December 2019
22-Oct-2019 PC Minutes October 2019
10-Sep-2019 PC Minutes September 2019
30-Jul-2019 PC Minutes July 2019
18-Jun-2019 PC Minutes June 2019
15-May-2019 PC Minutes May 2019
02-Apr-2019 PC Minutes April 2019
19-Feb-2019 PC Minutes February 2019
08-Jan-2019 PC Minutes January 2019

Minutes 2018

Date Document
27-Nov-2018 PC Minutes November 2018
16-Oct-2018 PC Minutes October 2018
11-Sep-2018 PC Minutes September 2018
24-Jul-2018 PC Minute July 2018
12-Jun-2018 PC Minutes June 2018
01-May-2018 PC Minutes May 2018
20-Feb-2018 PC Minutes February 2018
16-Jan-2018 PC Minutes January 2018

Minutes 2017

Date Document
28-Nov-2017 PC Minutes November 2017
17-Oct-2017 PC Minutes October 2017
05-Sep-2017 PC Minutes September 2017
25-Jul-2017 PC Minutes July 2017
13-Jun-2017 PC Minutes June 2017
02-May-2017 PC Minutes APM May 2017
27-Apr-2017 PC Minutes April 2017
21-Feb-2017 PC Minutes February 2017
10-Jan-2017 PC Minutes January 2017

Minutes 2016

Date Document
22-Nov-2016 PC Minutes November 2016
11-Oct-2016 PC Minutes October 2016
19-Jul-2016 PC Minutes July 2016
07-Jun-2016 PC Minutes June 2016
26-Apr-2016 PC Minutes April 2016
08-Mar-2016 PC Minutes March 2016
19-Jan-2016 PC Minutes Jan 2016

Minutes 2015

Date Document
08-Dec-2015 PC Minutes Dec 2015
27-Oct-2015 PC Minutes Oct 2015
15-Sep-2015 PC Minutes Sept 2015
04-Aug-2015 PC Minutes August 2015
23-Jun-2015 PC Minutes June 2015
31-Mar-2015 PC Minutes March 2015
17-Feb-2015 PC Minutes Feb 2015
06-Jan-2015 PC Minutes Jan 2015

Other Documents

PC Other 2020

Date Document
26-Aug-2020 Notice of Exercise of Public Rights 2020
26-Aug-2020 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/20
26-Aug-2020 Explanation of Variances 2019/20
26-Aug-2020 Bank Reconcilliation 2019/20
25-Aug-2020 Detailed PC Accounts 2019/20
07-Aug-2020 Risk Assessment 2020
07-Aug-2020 PC Asset Register 2020/21
07-Aug-2020 PC Code of Conduct

PC Other 2019

Date Document
28-Jun-2019 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19
28-Jun-2019 Detailed PC Accounts 2018/19
28-Jun-2019 PC Asset Register 2019
28-Jun-2019 PC Code of Conduct
28-Jun-2019 PC Risk Assessment 2019
28-Jun-2019 Explanation of Variances 2018/19
26-Jun-2019 Notice of Exercise of Public Rights 2019
20-Mar-2019 Notice of Election 2019

PC Other 2018

Date Document
01-Jul-2018 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017/18
01-Jul-2018 Detailed PC Accounts 2017/18
01-Jul-2018 PC Asset Register 2017/18
01-Jul-2018 PC Code of Conduct
01-Jul-2018 Risk Assessment 2018
01-Jul-2018 Notice of Exercise of Public Rights 2018
01-Jul-2018 Explanation of Variances 2017/18

PC Other 2017

Date Document
18-Oct-2017 Signed Internal Audit and Governance Statement 2016/2017
17-Oct-2017 PC Asset Register 2017/2018
13-Jun-2017 Declaration of Status 2017
13-Jun-2017 Notice of Exercise of Public Rights 2017
13-Jun-2017 Detailed PC Accounts 2016/2017
13-Jun-2017 Code of Conduct
09-Jun-2017 Local Authority accounts: A guide to your rights
09-Jun-2017 Risk Assessment 2017
09-Jun-2017 PC Asset Register 2016/2017

PC Other 2016

Date Document
21-Sep-2016 Signed Internal Audit & Governance Statement 2015/16
13-Jun-2016 Asset Register 2015/2016
13-Jun-2016 PC Accounts 2015/2016
13-Jun-2016 Risk Assessment 2016

PC Other 2015

Date Document
01-Jun-2015 PC Accounts 2014 -15
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